Friday, January 2, 2009

BV Napa Cabernet

Beaulieu Vineyard
Cabernet Sauvignon
Napa Valley
Rutherford, California

$18.99 -- Safeway, Tucson, AZ

Color: Deep purple
Nose: Plums, licorice, a little heat
Body: Full
Front: Raspberry
Middle: Creamy chocolate, licorice
Back: Plum rinds, dusty tannins
Burns clean?: Yes
Cap: Cork

A month or so ago, in an unblogged wine-drinking incident, I shared a bottle of BV's Rutherford Cabernet with some music business friends. It was a big hit, and went perfectly with the steakhouse fare we were putting away in downtown Austin. This, this Napa one, is not as good, I fear.

Admittedly, I just came back from a brief trip to San Francisco, so the bar has been left kind of high. But there are lots of little things about this one that make me prefer, say, a Hahn Cabernet or the delightful (and also undocumented) Babcock that I had last night. The nose isn't terribly engaging. The color is undelightful for a cab. I'm a fan of chocolate and licorice individually, but they're not super piled on top of each other.

But enough, Mr. Grinch! Many people will like this wine, which is firm and stout like Santa Claus, even if it does come in a bit of a purple suit at the moment.