Thursday, June 19, 2008

Elizabeth Spencer Chardonnay

Elizabeth Spencer Wines
Wente Clone Cuvee
Sonoma Coast
Calistoga, California
$40.50 -- Elizabeth Spencer Tasting Room, Rutherford, CA

Color: Rich yellow
Nose: Pear, damp sawdust
Body: Full
Front: Lime, fig
Middle: A little butter, clover
Back: Grapefruit
Burns clean?: Yes
Cap: Cork

"'8 Barrels Made'?" my mother says; "They should have made more." It makes a wine writer's job easier when half of his reading audience declares an opinion. This is an excellently balanced, nicely structured chardonnay that's long on the palate, but I think I'll have to drink some more bottles of it before I launch into any poetics about it. It goes well after a swim in the pool on a hundred-degree day with a little fruit and cheese before dinner, that's for sure.