Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Faust Cabernet

Huneeus Vineyards
Cabernet Sauvignon
Rutherford, Napa, California
$50.00 -- Bounty Hunter, Napa, CA

Color: Deep burgundy red
Nose: Plums, cinnamon
Body: Heavy
Front: Cherry
Middle: Café crème
Back: Walnuts, soft tannins
Burns clean?: Yes
Cap: Cork

Drinking this is like walking down a root-corrupted sidewalk under a canopy of moss-laden live oaks on a late afternoon on the gulf coast. Like most 2005s it is better with some time to air (one hour, in this case, and it really bloomed). It’s got a long delivery, yet by some paradox, it doesn’t take long to drink a bottle. Good with everything but spicy food. Comes in a half-bottle which is a good deal.

On disrespecting the palate length of wines: I used to wait until the wine had fully delivered before taking a bite. I do that less now, because eating doesn’t erase or stop the wine’s unfolding on the palate—it combines with it.