Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Ehlers Meritage

Ehlers Estate
Chairman's Selection
Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc

Napa, California
$35.49 -- Central Market, Austin, TX

Color: Opaque garnet
Nose: Cherry, stewed plum, tar
Body: Full
Front: Black cherry, rhubarb
Middle: Prune, orange, clove
Back: Black tea, chocolate, elegant tannins
Burns clean?: Extremely. Maybe too clean.
Cap: Cork

I've become a big fan of Ehlers. Their '05 Cabernet is phenomenal, and this stuff is absolutely delightful. It takes about an hour to open up, and there is a distinct greenness at the first that will frighten you, but have patience. A hint of the vegetal qualities stays on, even as the darker flavors start to show. It's not all deliciousness; it's more like a conversation, with this wine.

If you like a candy-ish wine, or simple flavors, this won't please you. You will be all like, WTF, Asmodeus; thanks for nothin'. My response: you should have read to the end of the post. Facebook and mobile computing are ruining your attention span and your life. But if you want a little something to chew on, this is a phenomenal choice.