Friday, May 9, 2008

Vinos Sin Ley Grenache

Vinos Sin Ley
G-5 Garnacha
Vinos de Madrid, Puerta Bonita, Spain
$9.99 -- Durham, NC

Color: Deep red
Nose: Raspberry and pepper
Body: Medium
Front: Raspberry KA-POW!
Middle: Raspberry AGAIN!
Back: Graphite
Burns clean?: Yes
Cap: Plastic cork

It's a fruit bomb. Like, the Dr. Strangelove of raspberry-based palate devastation. It's an easy-drinking wine, if you are a raspberry drinker. No, really, it's an interesting wine, but not if you like subtlety, lots of layers, or anything much more than fruit and a little tannic spice. Still, why trust me: check out the high ratings at this site.