Sunday, January 20, 2008

Bedford Road Pinot Noir

Bedford Road Estate
Pinot Noir
Wairau Valley
Renwick, Marlborough, New Zealand
$24.00 -- Durham, NC

Color: Translucent garnet
Nose: Raspberry
Body: Medium
Front: Strawberry smoothie
Middle: Subtle hints of auto transmission; light caramel
Back: Not a whole lot there; cedar, maybe
Burns clean?: Yes
Cap: Screw top

This one divided opinions at my wine tasting. Some couldn't take more than two sips of it. Others loved it, and drank half the bottle. Everyone else liked it, but for different reasons. My caveat would be that it lacks the long structural unrolling that I love so much in really super Pinot Noir. So: good with food, not so good as a showcase.