Sunday, January 20, 2008

deLorimier Sauvignon Blanc

deLorimier Winery
Sauvignon Blanc
Alexander Valley (Geyserville)
Sonoma, California, USA
$12.99 -- Wine Authorities, Durham, NC

Color: Pale gold in a stream
Nose: Pears on a glacier
Body: Light on the water
Front: Cloves on a grapefruit
Middle: Pears in a blender
Back: Alfalfa in a tractor
Burns clean?: Yes
Cap: Cork

Please pardon the above, which was inspired equally by this wine and by Snakes on a Plane. I got this wine to make fondue, and as readers of my blog will know, this means I'm likely to end up liking it on its own. I suppose there's an entire wine education in trying to make an interesting fondue. It was great in the fondue, too, but quite pleasant on its own, with a nice development, not too tangy in the front and not too hot at the back.