Sunday, January 20, 2008

Elizabeth Spencer Cabernet

Elizabeth Spencer
Cabernet Sauvignon
Special Cuvée

Napa Valley
Calistoga, California, USA

$34.99 -- Wine Authorities, Durham, NC

Color: Deep velvety red
Nose: Cherries, spice
Body: Full
Front: Cherry, smoke
Middle: Cinnamon, wood
Back: Chocolate, sometimes caramel
Burns clean?: Yes
Cap: Cork

This is a seductive, rich wine. When you're drinking it, it's what you're doing. It's all you're doing. The grapes come from all over Napa, including the Rutherford area; there's a little Merlot and perhaps something else in here that give it striking, evolving structure. I don't want to sell this one too much, because they don't make very much of it. Let's just say it's up there with V. Sattui.

Above is a portrait of the bottle, in situ with Wayne Bates ceramics.